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China is gaining its significance in the global healthcare and life science industry with a skyrocketing growth. It is expected to be the global leader of healthcare in a few decades. Some exciting developments in regulations and policies have been made in the past few years, which encourage cross-border collaborations in between China and foreign entities. The systemic changes open up numerous opportunities for foreign innovations.

While appealing, entering Chinese market could be challenging. Many might have experienced the cultural difference, the language barrier and the rapidly evolving market. Our Chinese experts could help you with the acculturation and develop your business in China.


Market entry strategies

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Strong partnership with Fosun Shanghai, one of the top Chinese pharmaceutical companies, to bring research solutions to Chinese and Asian market.
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Extensive network of Chinese investors, distributors and partners.in-depth knowledge of Chinese market and regulatory requirements.
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Open the door to opportunities in China, including distribution and technology transfer for life science products and research products, as well as other customized strategic partnership.
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Analyze market potentials and challenges. Identifiy target market and applications in Asia and customize marketing strategy, using our licensed lifescience market research tool Silvermine.
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